About us

In 1948 Adolf Konopitzky, the grandfather of the today’s owner and managing director Michael Alexander Konopitzky, founded the handbag store Konopitzky in Vienna. He had a wide range of leather handbags, small leather goods as wallets, belts and suitcases

1978 his son, Adolf Konopitzky, took over the store in Vienna's Hütteldorferstrasse 135 and refurbished the store.

 „Our speciality is a wide range, which is appealing our customers.“

Michael Alexander Konopitzky, took over the business in 2005. He modernized the store strategically, refurbished the store and changed the range of goods. The webshop kofferwelt.at was founded in 2014 and offers a lot of highquality products.
 „Our webshop offers some items, you can‘t in the rest of Europe. We are delivering – if it’s necessary – at the end of the world.

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