American Tourister

American Tourister – value for money since 1933.

American Tourister – formerly known as Sol Koffler – was founded in Providence (Rhode Island) in 1933. This luggage company focuses on producing low-budget, heavy duty suitcases. When air travel boomed after 1945, the demand for lighter luggage also increased. American Tourister responded by launching a new lightweight collection which was also easy to pack. In 1960, American Tourister was the first company to develop luggage for airlines, offering major airline companies the opportunity to test their products. When the demand for sturdy soft luggage rose in the 1990s, American Tourister had the answer ready. The company was taken over by Samsonite in 1993. Two major brands were thus fused, and both continue to this day to produce luggage in the customary quality. 


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