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Strong, lightweight and innovative luggage for travellers – this has been Samsonite’s vision ever since the company was founded in 1910. The global leader for luggage offers unbeatable value for money. Successful innovations by Samsonite include hard-shell suitcases made from the revolutionary Curv® material – strong yet ultra-light– to soft luggage collections with Advanced Hybrid Technology™ (AHT), to business and leisure products. In order to provide travellers with the perfect companion for every journey, Samsonite continues to develop new products on an ongoing basis. Besides the lightweight Curv material, Samsonite also uses polycarbonate, polypropylene and polyester in the manufacture of its luggage. Samsonite is equally innovative and flexible when it comes to the size of its suitcases. With cabin luggage in varying sizes, travellers are sure to find the perfect piece of luggage for any and every trip. 

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