Materials: spoilt for choice

The suitcases of today are generally manufactured from polypropylene, Curv, aluminium, polycarbonate or nylon. Each of these materials has its advantages for certain uses.

Polypropylene is a tried and trusted material, very sturdy but not scratch-resistant. Curv is a polypropylene-based innovation, and is currently the lightest, sturdiest and most reliable material on the market. Aluminium is the perfect choice for frequent flyers as it is totally unbreakable and resistant to heat and cold. It also develops a beautiful patina over the course of time.

Polycarbonate is a mixture of polypropylene and carbon. Light and sturdy, this material is generally used with zipped suitcases. Nylon, on the other hand, is the most flexible material, so most soft luggage includes a pleat for holiday mementos …

Andersen R1 BigEaqsy universal coupling
49,95 EUR
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Andersen G1-PullEasy coupling universal
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