Topas Titanium


Travellers looking for something subtly different and superbly classy will be delighted by Topas Titanium.

Exclusive style, elegant contours, inimitable design: this luxurious aluminium collection combines good looks with space and strength. Inside, the Topas Titanium is lined with high-quality polyjacquard fabric, underscoring its glamorous appearance.

A variable flex divider system inside the Topas Titanium enables you to organise your clothes as suits you best, and ensures they arrive as neatly folded as when they were packed. An add-a-bag fixture, inconspicuously fitted into the shell of the suitcase, enables you to transport an additional bag.

The aesthetic design, exceptional craftsmanship and immense stability of this collection make these cases first class travel companions.

The various models in this business and travel collection each feature sophisticated details, from classy beauty cases to voluminous Multiwheel® suitcases. If you love Topas, you’ll adore Topas Titanium.

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