The Rimowa Limbo has a highly characteristic design. With its strong aluminium-magnesium alloy frame and robust lightweight polycarbonate shell, the Limbo is highly distinctive. Gleaming silver case fittings add a final touch of extravagance. All cases in the Limbo range feature elegant aluminium contours and numerous sophisticated details. This is the perfect luggage collection for the discerning traveller.

Valuable belongings are safeguarded by TSA lever action locks incorporated in the frame. These can be set to your own preferred combination.
Another state-of-the-art highlight is  the multiwheel® system which makes the suitcase effortless to manoeuvre even when fully packed with heavy items. For even greater flexibility, Limbo suitcases include an add-a-bag holder which allows you to attach an additional item of luggage directly to the case for ease of transport. The interior of the Limbo features a height-adjustable  flex divider which can be adapted to the exact amount you pack.

The high quality of the Limbo range also shines through in the numerous small extras offered by these cases. The Limbo Notebook, for example, has special bags for your laptop and cables, whilst the Limbo Business features sophisticated partitioning; the Limbo Beauty Case features intelligent compartments for cosmetics, and the Limbo Attaché Case comes complete with numerous extras.

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