When it launched its Salsa collection in the year 2000, RIMOWA revolutionised the luggage industry. Now this Rimowa suitcase comes back on the market, completely refurbished with its new name "ESSENTIAL". Made from polycarbonate, a high-tech material, the Essential was a complete innovation in the premium luggage segment: extremely lightweight, extremely stable, extremely pressure-resistant and extremely robust.

This innovation changed the face of travel forever. The first Salsa suitcases took the market by storm, and the shooting star is now an international bestseller with a its new name. Without doubt, the Rimowa Essential owes its popularity to its exclusive design. But its excellent quality is also a decisive factor. The material reacts flexibly to pressure, cushioning hard impact and leaving virtually no traces in the glossy polycarbonate.

By opting for an Essential, you’ll get a premium product made from a top quality material that is virtually unrivalled. Crafted with precision, Rimowa Essential suitcases also boast a unique and distinctive design and numerous exclusive and sophisticated details.


500,00 EUR
incl. 20% tax excl. Shipping costs
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