Rimowa Classic Flight comes back to the market after it's refurbishment an is called Rimowa Classic.  This elegant retro collection combines classic designs from the dawn of aviation with all the best characteristics of modern luggage. The timeless design of Classic  with its distinctive groove structure, harks back to first days of air travel. But the functionality of the range, which conforms fully to modern demands, places it firmly amongst the ranks of premium luggage.

The glossy silver shells of the Classic suitcases are made from a sturdy aluminium-magnesium alloy. Reinforced with polished aluminium corners and fitted with sturdy TSA combination locks. Solid, hand-crafted leather handles, decorative lining in the interior and nostalgic packing ribbons underscore the traditional charisma of Rimowa Classic. Smooth-running wheels and a retractable telescopic handle meet all modern demands with regard to comfort and convenience.

Classic is equally traditional yet innovative in smaller sizes: the cabin suitcase conforms to IATA recommendations, and is hence perfect as hand luggage. 

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