RIMOWA – groovy luggage

RIMOWA, a Cologne-based company, launched its first aluminium trunk in 1937 –  extremely sturdy and virtually indestructible. Today, Rimowa  luggage is made not only from aluminium, but also from polycarbonate. Much of the work is done by hand, in guaranteed „Made in Europe“ quality. Rimowa uses only premium quality materials and has made its mark with its distinctive grooved designs. Rise above the crowd and be one of the first to discover Rimowa’s latest innovation – the Electronic Tag. This data strip replaces paper luggage tags, embracing the shift from analogue to digital.  Fitted with a RIMOWA Electronic Tag, you can not only check yourself in using your smartphone – you can also check in your own luggage. This can be done via a special app.

Also worthy of mention is the incredibly smooth-running ball-bearing multiwheel system. The groove design harks back to the design of Junkers aircraft.

All models can be inspected directly in our store at the Hütteldorfer Straße 135, 1140 Vienna.


500,00 EUR
incl. 20% tax excl. Shipping costs
Rimowa Hybrid Cabin S blue gloss
580,00 EUR
only 550,00 EUR
incl. 20% tax excl. Shipping costs
Rimowa Hybrid Check-In L blue gloss
780,00 EUR
only 750,00 EUR
incl. 20% tax excl. Shipping costs
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