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Hartmann suitcases – luxury aluminium luggage

Amongst other things, Hartmann offers travellers premium hard shell suitcases. The premium brand was founded in 1877 in Milwaukee/USA by the German Joseph S. Hartmann  and produces suitcases which are not only extremely lightweight and durable, but also particularly elegant. Hartmann luggage comes not only in Curv® material but also in aluminium. These top-notch suitcases feature recessed and protected zips, ingenious interiors and silenced, spring-loaded wheels in a unique, transparent design. Hartmann luggage is unique and distinctive, ranking it amongst the premium brands. Indulge yourself with luxury luggage and enjoy your travels all the more with these suitcases. You can also enjoy total peace of mind thanks to the life-long warranty on Hartmann luggage! 


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